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Startrax - Startrax club disco part II

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Titre : Startrax club disco part II

Année : 1981

Auteurs compositeurs : Bruce Baxter / B.M.R. Gibb

Durée : 6 m 26 s

Label : Mercury

Référence : 6059 457

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Do you remember…
The stars of the dance disco years
Let the music take you back
'Cause the dancin' party starts right here

Saved by the bell on your own carousel
Now who can tell, if you'll love that man as well
Now I'll walk down our great lane

It's only words, and words are all I have, to take
your heart away

Jive talkin
Youre telling me lies, yeah
Good lovin
Still gets in my eyes
Nobody believes what you say
Its just your jive talkin
That gets in the way

Dont know why Im surviving evry lonely day,
When theres got to be no chance for me. My life would end.
And it doesnt matter how I cry
My tears of love a waste of time.
If I turn away…
Am I strong enough to see it through ?
Go crazy is what I will do
If I cant have you, I dont want no other, baby,
If I cant have you…uhuhhh…ahhh!
If I cant have you, I dont want no other, baby,
If I cant have you…uhuhhh…ahhh!

In the event of something happening to me,
There is something I would like you all to see.
Its just a photograph of someone that I knew.

Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones?
Do you know what its like on the outside?
Dont go talking too loud, youll cause a landslide, Mr Jones.

When I was small, and christmas trees were tall,
We used to love while others used to play.
Dont ask me why, but time has passed us by,
Some one else moved in from far away.
Now we are tall, and christmas trees are small,
And you dont ask the time of day.
But you and i, our love will never die,
But guess well cry come first of may.

My baby moves at midnight
Goes right on till the dawn
My woman takes me higher
My woman keeps me warm
What you doin on your back aah
What you doinon your back aah?
You should be dancing, yeah
Dancing, yeah

Star Trax Disco !
Star Trax
Let's have a look
Dance the party !
Star Trax Disco !

Do dodo dodo do
Do dododo doo ….
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2 commentaires
mac_is_mac Le 19/01/2004 à 09:25
A mon avis, moins bon que le Startrax club disco part I.
Un peu mou pour un medley, même si individuellement, tout est très bon.
poilaudent Le 21/01/2004 à 18:38
c'est genial pour danser allonger dans son lit

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